My True Caning and Spanking Stories

18 08 2012

A slipperHi, my name is Samantha and I have written these caning and spanking books which are suitable for ADULTS ONLY as they contain graphic descriptions of Canings, birching, slippering, spanking and scenes of a sexual nature.

The kindle books are full of true spanking and slippering, birching and caning stories and they reveal many of my private and personal situations where I give and receive the cane, the slipper, the plimsoll, the birch and the strap. Many of my true stories are about a wife or girlfriend being spanked and caned many about a husband spanked and caned in femdom situations. There are also some incredible true stories about a boss and his secetary and a photographer and a fashion model being spanked and caned also.

I love spanking and caning and I hope that after reading my true spanking and caning stories that you will too.

This first book is my true account of how my life suddenly changed  late one Saturday night, from that point I was able to find an excitement in life that I never knew had existed before. My true story tells of how I have on many occasions been spanked with slippers, plimsolls and some cruel canes. The book also tells how I have not always been on the receiving end of the thrashings but now give more than I get. It took a lot of courage for me to live out my fantasies and even more for me to put the events into a book. I hope that my book will help you to overcome your inhibitions and to live out your fantasies, I would be very grateful if after reading the book you will take the time to leave me some feedback. You can download my book to kindle, Iphone, Ipad, PC or laptop computer. By clicking the links you can read the first chapter for free but before doing so remember that it is only suitable reading for ADULTS. My book can also be loaned for free if you are registered with the Kindle Direct Publishing sceme.

I hope that you enjoy my book as much as I enjoyed living out the experiences in it…. Sam  


Please take a look at my Author Page where you can Look Inside all of my spanking and caning books for Free. There are many different stories that feature caning, birching, slippering and spanking mostly femdom canings but many other scenario’s also, including my own true spanking and caning story telling how I discovered the fun of spanking and caning between husband and wife.


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Other Erotic, Spanking and Caning Books by me. 

WARNING: All of the following books arefor ADULTS ONLY! They contain detailed accounts of canings, spankings with a plimsoll, BDSM and explicit sexual content. They are not suitable reading for anyone under 18 years of age.


Caning Academy by Samantha Jones

Caning Academy

Hello I am Samantha, while studying at College I became a part time fashion model, unfortunately there was never much work until the day that I discovered a photographer called Max who seemed to have plenty of work and who also paid very well. Unfortunately I was soon to find that there was a darker side to Max and each time that I and the other models turned up for a shoot we wondered if we would be able to sit down again that day. The makeup woman Lucy eventually comes up with a plan to teach Max a very painful lesson. Max also upsets his wife Janet when she overhears him admitting something to me and she then gives him two options, neither of which is going to be very pleasant for him. When he reluctantly chooses an option she picks up the cane.




caned black       Caned by my Cruel Wife

Hello my name is Darren. After twelve years of mundane marriage I succumbed to temptation and left my wife to live with her younger sister.

After eight months of living with my sister in law I realised that I had made a mistake and when she asked me to move out I was desperate for my wife to take me back. I was very surprised when my wife did agree to me moving back in on the condition that I would allow her to punish me severely for what I did.
My wife ordered a selection of canes online and I was about to pay a very high price for my misdemeanour and so was my sister in law.


true caning stories kindle, also husband caned and femdom stories whith a cane and caned by my mother in law stories of the cane and the slipper husband caned and wife caned. Also wife spanked true story.

Yes Boss by Samantha Jones

Yes Boss Final

My name is Rebecca and this is my story.I decided that I needed a career change from being a fashion model after it seemed to become almost customary to give a blowjob or even be spanked after a photo shoot. I landed myself a respectable job in an office and was determined to do whatever was needed to get to the top as quickly as possible.Little did I know that I had just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. My after work social skills were to be used to the full and my poor bottom was going to sting more than I could have ever imagined.

My story has a very powerful twist at the end!


  Femdom caning for sissy husband who has an affair so wife and her friend cane husband a good caning free story.

A Well Caned Husband by Samantha Jones

A Well Caned Husband Kindle

Hello I am James and this is my true story of how I came home from work one day to find that my wife had bought a gym vaulting horse, from that moment my life was to change and I now spend much of my spare time secured over the gym horse being mercilessly thrashed by my wife. As time goes by my wife has more and more surprises for me and every day as I arrive home from work, I do not know whether I am going to be spending a quiet night in front of the television or if I am going to be spending my evening stretched out across the vaulting horse being caned, slippered or birched again by my cruel wife.


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